Introductory Prices

Basic service

Word Processed Standard Will ~ £90

Word Processed Complex Will ~ from £125

(“Complicated” Wills contain Inheritance Tax provisions and/or complicated Trusts. Most Wills will be classed as standard.)

Mutual Wills (for couples making wills in similar terms) ~ £120 (simple) from £175 (complex)

Word processed Wills are printed on high quality vellum paper and tied with dark green ribbon.

Comprehensive service

On site / off site visit plus face to face instruction given at a basic rate of £100 per hour plus either the cost of a standard or complex will as detailed above.

Wildean Will service

Add £150 to the package you have selected above to have the Will hand drafted in Caligraphy, on parchment, and bound in your choice of ribbon colour from our available range.

Power of Attorney:

£350 per document

Please note that each document requires payment of an additional fee of £130, which is paid to the Court of Protection for registration.

Commissioner for oaths:

Swearing of documents: £5 plus £2 per exhibit (plus travel if required)

Estate planning services:

Based on a flat fee of £100 per hour, please enquire for further information.

Please Contact us or email us if you would like more details about our prices and packages