Why should we write your will

One question that is often asked is why a Professional lawyer should write your will for you.  There are after all many options available with Unqualified Will writers and even self creating websites that create your will for you based on the information you enter.

Our view (and the view of the Law Society) is that by engaging a professional to create what is one of the most important documents you will ever sign is because you are insured, and assured of the quality, and that we are properly versed in the legal aspects of your estate.  This means that we deliver exactly what you want, not what we think you want, or what we want you to have, but exactly and to the letter.

We are well aware that there are websites and organisations who offer Wills cheaper than us but they are not backed by the legal training that we have had or the legal experience that we have built up.  There are also horror stories which have come to light from some unscrupulous and unqualified organisations and individuals who claim part of the Estate for themselves.  This despicable practice has led to a call for the law to be changed and for proper regulation of who is allowed to write a Will and we support this completely.

These unqualified, so called Will-Writers are far removed from what we offer and we distance ourselves from them completely.

When we write your Wills it will be with the full backing and quality provided bu The Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEX) which is a recognised legal qualification.  CILEX lawyers can become partners in Law firms and carry a qualification which enables them to conduct fee earning services such as writing Wills and Estate Planning.

We exist as a modern company and make full use of technology to streamline the process, and so the image of a grey stern Solicitor is also a far cry away from us.  We don’t waste your time (and money by drafting multiple letters of confirmation which inflates your bill), our visiting system is aimed at providing the best service we can at a price which brings quality within reach of everyone, and our graded pricing means that you can choose the level of service which suits you.

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