Planning a Will


Planning a Will can seem a daunting task, and there is a lot to think about. It is important to make sure that all the information that is needed is included, which varies from person to person depending on individual circumstances.

At Huntley Wilde, with many years of Will Writing experience we know the sort of questions that need to be asked, the sort of information that is important and what questions to ask in order to properly draft a will which is right for the client.

However, when thinking about writing a Will these are the sort of things that are important and the “skeleton” for a Will:

Personal Circumstances:

  • Relationship status: married/civil partnership/long term partner/widowed/separated from a partner. 
  • Are there any children? If they are under 18 it is recommended that you appoint a Guardian.

Practical Points:

  • Who are your Executors going to be? These are the people who deal with the Administration of the Estate i.e. filling in the relevant paperwork, deal with the distribution of the Estate, ensure everything is accounted for. These people can be anyone you like, but you must be sure that they will be able to deal with the task, particularly at a time of bereavement. They must also want to do it!
  • How big is the Estate? Will Inheritance Tax Planning be required?

The Estate:

  • What is the nature of the Estate? Property in this country or abroad, cash, savings, personal possessions etc.
  • Do you want to leave everything to one person or to more than one? If so, in what proportions?
  • Do you want to give the gift directly or set up a Trust?
  • Do you have any specific gifts you want to leave? E.g. jewellery or family heirlooms?
  • Do you want to leave cash gifts to anyone?
  • Do you want to leave anything to charity?
  • Do you want to provide for any animals?
  • Is there anyone you specifically want to leave out?
  • Where would you like the gift to go if the person you are leaving it to dies before you? 



This can seem like a lot of information, but it is important to plan a will carefully. We ensure that every eventuality is covered, and your Will can be as basic or complicated as you want it to be. Writing a Will can be a daunting experience, but it is an essential one, and through careful planning and practical advice tailored to your individual needs it need not be a difficult one.