Plan A Will Checklist

Plan a Will Checklist:
Full Name:


Any other property in the UK other than address above:

Any property abroad:


Do you consider that your estate is worth over £325,000, meaning it could be subject to Inheritance Tax? Would you like to consider Tax Planning as part of the Will?
Name of Spouse/ Civil Partner / Co-Habitee:
Do you have any children?
Name of child                      Age


If any of the above children are under 18 would you like to specify a Guardian? If so, who?


Do you want to leave any money or property to charity?


Where would you like the Estate to go initially? This can be to one person or to more than one. If it is more than one specify proportion.


Do you want to leave any specific gifts (e.g. jewellery) or legacies (cash sums)?

If any of the above named Beneficiaries predecease you, where would you like their share of the Estate to go?

Do you want to leave anything in Trust?