It is critical that everyone has a Will in order to make sure that their property goes to the people or charitable organisations they want, as well as assisting those that are left behind in dealing with the administration of the Estate.  With this in mind Working with us couldn’t be easier and we have created a range of services to fit in with our clients busy lifestyles and also to fit each budget.

Basic Service

If you wish to give instructions over email or the phone (our most cost effective option) we will send you our standard Will form setting out all the information we require. We will then be able to answer any questions you have or to give guidance by telephone and email.  when the details are worked through to your satisfaction and when you have approved the final product we will then arrange a face to face appointment for the signing and witnessing of the Will as it is this action which establishes it as a legal and binding document.

Comprehensive service

For those who would rather discuss their requirements face to face we are able to meet in person and a mutually convenient appointment can be arranged at our offices, your own place of work, a Library, or at a less formal venue such as a cafe or tearoom.  At these briefings we will explain to you what the various options available to you are, and produce detailed notes from which your Will can be produced and agreed.  A second meeting will then be arranged for the signing and witnessing of the Will as it is this action which establishes it as a legal and binding document.

Wildean Will service

In this modern age, most Wills are word processed and we include these as part of our Basic and Comprehensive service if that is your wish , but we are also able to provide a classic Victorian style handwritten parchment Will in beautiful calligraphy and bound with ribbon.  This is our unique flagship product for discerning clients who wish their sense of style and occasion to remain with their loved ones for all time.  We can arrange this for both the Basic and Comprehensive Will services to again provide maximum flexibility and convenience to you whilst also providing an ornate finished document.

Estate Planning service

Details coming soon

Commissioner For Oaths:

Authorised by s13(2) Schedule 4 Legal Services Act 2007 to swear Oaths and Statutory Declarations.

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